"Use our time more effectively!"

“Ian’s input has been invaluable. Even though we have good systems in place Ian has been able to show both myself and my management team how to use our time more effectively. With Ian’s experience and help we have been able to make huge improvements in our time management, responsibility, scheduling, productivity and our bottom line but the most important result is there is less stress in all of our roles because we do what is needed to be done and we have far better time management. Personally with the extra time that I have, I can now look at new innovation and processes. I have also been able to meet with new suppliers and in one part of my business alone I have been able to save over $50,000 per year for my business just by having the time to look. With this in mind I have no problems recommending Ian’s services to anyone who want to improve their business and stress levels.”

David Murphy, Managing Director TRJ Engineering P/L and Reward Metal Products P/L