"We are now focussed on our business growth!"

“After attending an HR course by OrgMent Business Solutions it became apparent to us we needed to get this area of our business in good working order to prepare for future growth. We engaged OBS to assist us with Business and Strategic Planning and it has completely re-organised the way we operate our business. We are now focused on our business' growth rather than getting stuck in the daily grind of operations. We are focused on areas that need improvement and we have a strategic plan for the future. In turn our team moral has improved and we personally enjoy a healthier family life together. Prior to engaging OrgMent Business Solutions we were very much feeling 'controlled' by our business, but now it feels like we're in control and that a weight has been lifted from our shoulders. We sincerely thank Ian and his team for their knowledge, care and assistance.”                                                                                               
Belinda Smullen, CEO, The Grub Club