Business success today is very much a function of the quality of its leadership and the demands on leadership roles are many and varied.  For almost a decade now, OrgMent Business Solutions has continued to evolve and develop its leadership and management training program and the material we have available is applicable for new or experienced leaders/managers alike with novice leaders gaining a solid foundation of management tools and techniques and experienced managers gaining new insights and hence improved performance from our unique program.

Modules are delivered via presentation and interactive discussion and the program may also be supplemented or substituted for personal 1-1 coaching, mentoring and support. 

Leadership Modules

  • Effective Delegation

  • Handling Conflict

  • Performance Management

  • Implementing Performance Management

  • Presentation Skills

  • Change Management

  • Customer Management

  • Marketing for Managers


  • Creating a Great Culture

  • Leadership and Management

  • Inspiring and Motivating Others

  • Decision-making

  • Planning

  • Time Management

  • Communication Skills

  • Staff Retention